Make your geothermal design a reality

Once you have determined a geothermal project is right for your site, Endurant can develop or acquire, then own and optimize the on-site energy assets.

Please note: the ability to remove 100% upfront costs for a project is dependent on specific circumstances, including credit assessment.

What is Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS)?

EaaS is when a third-party owns the asset and provides you with energy. This is a long-term agreement, similar to a utility-client relationship, only with a much more accountable partner.

Endurant builds the geothermal system, removing the need for you to invest your capital. They operate and maintain the assets, working with your existing on-site teams if you prefer. The Energy-as-a-Service financing model means that you won’t have to worry about the upfront purchase and installation costs.

As asset owner, Endurant guarantees the system performance, ensuring that you have the energy you need.

Find out how an Endurant EaaS solution can solve your business' sustainability challenges and avoid rising energy costs.